Peri Oral Lines

Peri oral lines are often referred to as ‘smokers lines’ or ‘bar code lines’, they are fine or deep wrinkles that develop around the mouth over time, commonly but not exclusively to ex or current smokers. These lines benefit from our peri oral sculpting where we use anti-wrinkle treatment, dermal fillers or a combination of both. Treatment choice often depends on the depth of the lines, because fine lines are often treatable with anti-wrinkle treatment alone, however for deeper lines that present at rest, often require additional treatment through a fine hyaluronic acid dermal filler (Juvederm or Stylage) which contains a local anaesthetic and we also apply a strong anaesthetic cream to minimise any pain.


Filler pre-mixed with LA and topical LA

Procedure Time

20-30 minutes

No downtime

Can return to work immediately

Duration of Results

6-9 months

On Set of Results


Risks & Complications

Mild bruising, swelling, asymmetry

For peri oral sculpting, it is our recommendation that you book in with a consultation to discuss your treatment options before making any commitments. Treatment can last up to one year.

Book in for treatment for peri oral lines at one of our aesthetic clinics in Oakwood (near Barnet) in London, Marylebone in London or Sutton Coldfield, Birmingham.
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Perioral sculpting is a treatment for barcode vertical lines which exist above your upper lip. This treatment involves the use of anti-wrinkle injections (botox) and/or hyaluronic acid filler to soften the lines.

Our doctors will usually advise on which treatment approach is best for you. Patients in their 30-40’s with fine lines may be treated with anti wrinkle injections alone, however patients in their 50’s and above or those with deeper lines would usually be great candidates for treatment with both dermal fillers and anti wrinkle injections.

Treatment with dermal filler is visible straight away however some swelling or bruising can take up to 2 weeks to settle. Treatment with anti wrinkle injections takes 5 days to start working  and full effects are seen at 2 weeks.

Often patients who require perioral sculpting may also have a lack of volume and hydration in their lips, which can be ageing. In this case a very subtle lip filler can be administered to bring this area back to life.

Book an appointment with Surgicare Aesthetics. Every appointment begins with a consultation, which is vitally important. Our doctors will talk you through the treatments that will suit your face as well as ensure that product selection and placement is age appropriate for you.