Anti-Wrinkle Injections

The use of Botulinum toxin A injections into the affected muscles blocks the neurotransmitter which stimulates the muscle to contract, thereby ‘relaxing’ the muscle. This can be beneficial by removing or softening existing wrinkles and preventing future wrinkles from developing. Depending on the age, sex and overall depth of the wrinkles, all clients require a varied amount of anti-wrinkle injections, therefore we offer a free 2 week follow up and top up to ensure you all achieve your desired goals. You can book in for anti-wrinkle injections at one of our aesthetic clinics in Oakwood (near Barnet) in London, Marylebone in London or Sutton Coldfield, Birmingham.

Treatments available


Optional but not required

Follow Up

Free follow up at 2 weeks

No downtime

Can return to work immediately

Duration of Results

3-6 months

On Set of Results

Up to 2 weeks

Risks & Complications

Mild bruising, swelling, asymmetry

Facial Wrinkles

Facial wrinkles and lines are caused by repetitive facial muscle contractions and expressions which develop over time and ageing. Wrinkles can be classified into 2 groups: dynamic (appear on facial expressions) and static. Common areas for anti-wrinkle treatment include Forehead lines, Frown lines, Crows feet (smile lines around the eyes), Brow lift (for arched brows), Gummy smile, Bunny lines, Pebbled chin, Peri-oral lines (smokers lines) and Down-turned corner of the mouth.
anti wrinkle injections
Jawline Slimming Treatment

Jawline Slimming

Jaw slimming can be achieved with the use of the Botulinum toxin A injection into the masseter muscle. The masseter muscle is used for chewing and if overactive can cause excessive clenching, teeth grinding, headaches and the appearance of a square jaw. A very popular treatment with our Oriental clients, this can provide a slimmer more contoured and aesthetically pleasing jawline.

Neck Lift

A neck lift can be achieved by the use of Botulinum toxin A injections into the platysmal bands in the neck, which in turns relaxes these muscles and provides up to a 20% Jaw lift, refine the jawline and provide a more youthful look.

Neck Lift Treatment
hyperhidrosis anti wrinkle treatment

Hyperhidrosis (Excessive underarm sweating)

Hyperhidrosis can also be treated with the use of Botulinum toxin A injections in the underarms. Very popular amongst our professionals, excessive sweating from the underarms can lead to very embarrassing consequences. Our treatments will restore your confidence in your shirt and give you the edge you’ve been looking for by abolishing all sweating for 6 months.

I had facial dermal fillers and Botox for the first time. I am so happy with the results, I have a fresh look for the first time in years and people have commented on how I look without knowing I have had facial injectables. The procedure was not rushed and I felt I was in very safe hands with Dr Gakhal, worth every penny, I am totally addicted.
Anne Somerville


There is very little you need to avoid. Ideal but not essential would be to avoid make up around injection sites.

4 Keys principles for all injectable treatments at Surgicare Aesthetics for the rest of the day after your treatment:

  1. Avoid Alcohol and rigorous exercise to reduce the risk of bruising
  2. Avoid make up or touching the injection sites to reduce the risk of infection

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Treatment price on the face excluding jaw slimming, neck lift and migraine treatment, is based on the number of areas treated. Areas included are the forehead, frown, crows feet, brow lift, bunny lines, perioral lines (lip lines) , downturned smile and chin.

The most well known places are the upper face: vertical frown lines, horizontal forehead lines and the crows feet. However many people see great results from lower face treatment, as these muscles give tension such as down turned corners of the mouth and pebble chin.

Anti-wrinkle injections are essentially muscle relaxing so they are highly effective in the neck to relax the platysma band resulting in a 10-15% neck lift, under the arms for excessive sweating and the scalp for migraine treatments.

We target the masseter muscle, a large muscle responsible for chewing, which can be enlarged if you excessively grind your teeth, known as bruxism. If you place your hands on the sides of your face and clench your teeth firmly, you can feel your masseter muscle. Muscle relaxing injections are used to reduce the activity of the muscle, causing it to shrink. This is a fantastic treatment as it has aesthetic and medical benefits of slimming your face and reducing teeth grinding respectively.