Medical Grade Skincare

Medical grade skincare contains active ingredients that can penetrate into the deeper layers of the skin, over the counter skin care brands will not penetrate the skin in the same way meaning that they cannot target certain skin conditions in the same way.

ZO® Skin Health

Our doctors are qualified prescribers of the world-renowned ZO® Skin Health. This is a premium medical grade skincare brand, which can treat skin conditions maintaining healthy skin for all ethnicities and skin types.

ZO® Skin health is Medical grade meaning it contains active ingredients than can penetrate into the deeper layers of the skin, unlike over the counter skin care brands. Our doctors will consult with you to provide a bespoke skincare protocol to treat your concerns and improve your skin health.

ZO® can treat a range of different skin conditions including hyperpigmentation, acne, rosacea and ageing.

The ZO ®method is a three step approach to get the skin looking as healthy as possible

Step 1: GSR®- getting skin ready

This protocol consists of cleansing, exfoliating and toning. It is the first step to prevent skin ageing and bring skin back to its most healthy, balanced state.

ZO Skin Health
ZO Skin Health

Step 2: Prevent and Correct

Prevent and correct protocols address your specific skin concerns such as acne or rosacea.

STEP 3: Protect The Protect step is based on ZO’s Triple-Spectrum Protection® technology that goes beyond the conventional sunscreens.
ZO Skin Health

On Set of Results

3 months

Combination treatments

Anti-wrinkle treatments and dermal fillers

Skin type

Suitable for all skin types

About the Products

Cruelty free, not tested on animals


Pregnancy and breastfeeding

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The World-renowned dermatologist Dr Zein Obagi formulated ZO skincare; ZO Skincare provides a comprehensive approach to treating skin conditions and maintaining healthy skin for all ethnicities and skin types.

Our doctors will consult with you and provide a bespoke treatment protocol to treat your concerns, whether it’s acne, pigmentation, rosacea, sun damage or prevention and maintaining healthy skin.

ZO Skincare is medical grade which means it contains active ingredients that penetrate into the deeper layers of the skin and are clinically proven to change the skin and help address certain skin conditions as well as improve overall skin health.

Results are usually visible within 6 weeks of treatment however your doctor will discuss this with you in more detail depending on your specific protocol, which is tailored to your concerns.

ZO Skincare protocols vary in cost however ZO have created starter kits for patients to use as an introduction to the brand, these range between £150- £250 and typically last 8 weeks.

Yes, ZO Skin health does not test any of their products on animals.