The consultation with our doctors at surgicare aesthetics will be the most important aspect of your appointment. Our doctors are driven to engage with you, develop a rapport and understand your expectations to create the perfect bespoke treatment package for you. Our doctors will listen to your ideas and concerns and use visual aids including different face shapes and side profiles to carry out a full face consultation. Having a full face assessment is vital to deliver optimal facial harmony and balance.

Below are 5 of our most common packages we specialise in.

Packages available

Periorbital Rejuvenation

Patients often come to the clinic being concerned about looking tired and wanting a more refreshed appearance without resorting to invasive measures such as going under the knife. Commonly it will be patients who work long hours, have poor sleep and parents to young children. This package will focus on rejuvenating your under eye ‘tear trough’ region with additional support in the cheeks, temples and eyebrows if required. This package requires a minimum of 2 mls of dermal filler.

Profile Balance

We can often focus on our appearance from the front angle, as it’s the 2D image we are used to seeing when we brush our teeth or put on makeup, but in reality we are 3 dimensional expressional beings and the side profile is equally as important. Your doctor will assess your full face and classify your profile into types 1, 2 or 3. Areas where you may be recommended treatment include your nose, chin and lips. This package requires a minimum of 2 mls of dermal filler.


Our beautification package is perfect for our younger female patients (25-40) who are looking to highlight their natural features and start thinking about maintenance treatments. Treatment will focus on contouring the cheeks, chin and jawline. To complete the look, you can choose to volumise your lips. This package requires a minimum of 4 ml of dermal filler.

Structural Rejuvenation

This package is perfect for our more mature female patients who want to avoid a surgical face-lift but are still excellent candidates for dermal fillers. We all start to age on our face from the age of 26-27 and the focus here would be to replace volume loss on your face through the natural process of ageing. Our goal will be to make you look 5-10 years younger. This package requires a minimum of 5 mls of dermal filler.


Our specialist package for men who wanted a chiselled appearance to their jawline and cheeks. This treatment will add more structure, definition and shape to your face creating a more masculine look. This package requires a minimum of 5 mls of dermal filler.


If you are thinking about having more than 1 treatment or a full face approach, considering one of our packages will certainly be right for you. During your consultation with one of our doctors, you will receive advice from them about treatments suitable for you. We are also able to create a bespoke package for you if one of our common packages does not suit you.

This can vary from 2ml to 12ml. We would strongly recommend not to focus on the ‘quantity’ of the product but the ‘quality’ of the end result. 1ml of filler placed incorrectly can imbalance your face, 10ml used correctly could be perfect for you.

We recommend having your treatment in one session to allow our doctors to implement their artistic vision when conducting your treatments.