Aqualyx is a simple and safe treatment for localised adiposity tissue (fat dissolving injections).

The treatment contains desoxycholan-acid, a secondary bile acid and endogenous substance. The liquid substance creates a fat-dissolving effect by the process of cavitational adipocytolysis.

Using a thin, flexible cannula, it is injected directly into the subcutaneous fat tissue. The treatment is virtually pain-free because the fat tissue is almost free of sensation.


Aqualyx pre-mixed with local anaesthetic

Procedure Time

20-30 minutes

No downtime

Can return to work immediately

Duration of Results


On Set of Results

Between 1-4 treatments

Risks & Complications

Mild bruising, swelling /redness

The number of Aqualyx treatments required can vary. Whilst results are permanent, this treatment is not a solution for absolute weight loss. This is because the success of the treatment will depend on the maintaining of a healthy diet and regular exercise regime.

You can book in for fat dissolving injections at one of our aesthetic clinics in Oakwood (near Barnet) in London, Marylebone in London or Sutton Coldfield, Birmingham.
I was really very nervous about having anything like this done but I felt reassured that my needs were catered to at every step of the way. What I also love is they genuinely do what's best for you, no up selling at all. I look natural and am thrilled with both the anti-wrinkle and fat dissolving.
Emma Yexley


Aqualyx works by being injected into the target fat cells and liquifying them through the process of lipolysis. The breakdown products of the fat cells are excreted via the lymphatic drainage system and eventually the kidneys.

Aqualyx is suitable for patients who have small pockets of fat that are resistant to a healthy diet and exercise regime. It is not suitable for patients who are classified as obese (BMI >30). The results of the fat cells dissolving are permanent subject to the patient maintaining their weight.

Virtually everywhere including the chin, abdomen, love handles, thighs, bingo wings, buttocks.

The best results from Aqualyx are seen 6 weeks after the treatment. During your initial consultation your doctor will advise you on the number of sessions required. Typically this could be up to 3 or 4.

Aqualyx is a very safe treatment but the patient must be prepared for small amounts of swelling and a burning feeling, which is the process of the fat cells dissolving. Use of NSAIDS (e.g ibuprofen) or ice to help with the swelling is contraindicated but paracetamol can be used.

Aqualyx will help dissolve excessive fat tissue, however it plays no role on ‘loose skin’. We often recommend Morpheus8 following Aqualyx treatment to improve skin tone and texture.