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Is Tear Trough Filler the right treatment for you?

1) How do patients commonly present to us?

Do you feel as though you look constantly tired and exhausted due to the sunken shadows and hollowness under the eyes? And no matter how much you sleep, hydrate yourself and use under eye creams, nothing seems to work? Well tear trough filler may be the answer to your problems!

2) What actually is a tear trough?

The tear trough is the indentation that sits in between the lower eye lid and the cheek. This hollowness develops overtime as a result of volume loss and bone resorption, due to the effects of ageing. The loss of volume under the eyes also gives the appearance of dark circles as light reflects off the face in different angles creating a shadowing effect. This becomes worse with age.

Tear trough filler can be safely injected to restore lost volume, which instantly brightens and rejuvenates the physical hollowness. The low-density filler is able to diffuse into the space, creating a plumping effect which enables the skin to be supported more firmly reducing the appearance of dark shadows and fine lines.

Cheek filler is often needed in conjunction with tear trough filler, as this acts as an important support for the midface. The overall effect of these treatments is a more rejuvenated and refreshed looking mid face which frames the eyes beautifully.

3) How do we assess your tear trough?

During your bespoke consultation at Surgicare Aesthetics our doctors all use the Lambros criteria to assess whether tear trough filler is the correct treatment modality for you.

Below outlines the criteria’s used to assess the tear troughs:

  1. Definition of the hollow

A more defined hollow is more amenable to filler treatment

  1. The orbital fat pad

If you suffer with excess fat around the lower eyes giving a “puffy eye” then tear trough filler may not be the best option, Morpheus8 or a surgical procedure called a blepharoplasty maybe a better fit, your doctor will be able to advise.

  1. Skin quality

Firm and more elastic skin supports the filler better than thin or loose skin. Therefore, if you suffer with thin skin around the eyes then you will not be suitable for tear trough filler and possibly other treatments such as Morpheus8 may be more beneficial as this can tighten and rejuvenate the skin.

  1. Pigmentation

Tear troughs are one factor that contribute to dark shadows under the eyes, however other factors such as lack of sleep, hydration, lifestyle, genetics and skin pigmentation can also play a part. If dark circles are caused by skin pigmentation, then tear trough filler will not correct this and other treatments such as medical grade skin care such as ZO may be better options or used in conjunction.

4) What are the side effects?

Tear trough filler is administered using a blunted instrument called a cannula. This has many benefits as it ensures filler is administered in a safe and controlled manner. The use of a cannula also minimises the effects of bruising as there is one entry point as opposed to using a needle which involves several entry points.

Common side effects include a sensation of ‘pulling and tugging’ during the procedure, swelling and bruising. The majority of swelling is very minimal, not obvious to the naked eyed, and will settle within 2 weeks once the filler has integrated into your normal tissue. After your procedure the post-operative care will be discussed in detail, followed up with a written copy

5) How long does tear trough filler last?

After the procedure the under eyes will appear fuller and brighter, however the full effects can take a couple of weeks to show, as it takes time for the filler to fully integrate into the deeper tissues. Tear trough filler can last 9-18 months, however this varies between individuals depending on their metabolism and lifestyle factors.

6) Are you suitable for tear trough filler?

We recommend you seek expert advice from one of our doctors to see if you are suitable. We believe in honesty and integrity and commonly will say no or provide alternative recommendations to patients if we think you are not the right candidate for tear trough filler. If you are interested in this treatment, please book a consultation with one of our doctors who advise you appropriately on your treatment needs.

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