Do I Have a Filler Migration?

Migration is most commonly associated with lip fillers. Its an unnatural appearance of fullness around the mouth, rather than the lips themselves, and a tell tale sign a person has had lip filler treatment. When filler makes its way into the skin around the lip it inherits a plateau effect causing projection instead of height. This can actually make the lips appear smaller when looking at the face front on. The temptation maybe to seek further treatments to correct this problem, but that in turns makes things worse and we often need to dissolve and start from scratch.

Although the average lip filler lasts around 6 months, this is hugely variable depending on the person, for this reason we will often book patients for a review to assess the need for treatment, rather than just re-treating at a set time. Other important factors we consider to minimise the risks are, using high quality products, having a cautious approach towards volumes used, and careful injection techniques that respect the vermillion border. If you’re worried you have lip filler migration book in for a consultation and we can assess you and talk through your options.

Top Tip: When having lip fillers, the key is to have patience and build up slowly to minimise the risk of migration, and help ensure long lasting lovely results.

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