Chin and Jaw Sculpting

Chin and Jaw filler are treatments that are usually combined to achieve the perfect lower face profile. High-density dermal fillers using a combination of needle and cannula techniques are used to enhance/length ones chin and create a defined sharp jawline. A combination of local anaesthetic cream and LA within the chin and jawline filler is used to minimise any discomfort. There is no downtime, with immediate results lasting an average of 12 months.


Filler pre-mixed with LA and topical LA

Procedure Time

20-30 minutes

No downtime

Can return to work immediately

Duration of Results

Up to 12 months

On Set of Results


Risks & Complications

Mild bruising, swelling, asymmetry

The volume of filler required for chin and jawline sculpting will vary from client to client, and therefore a bespoke package deal will be created for you.

You can book in for chin and jaw filler at one of our aesthetic clinics in Oakwood (near Barnet) in London, Marylebone in London or Sutton Coldfield, Birmingham.
Dr Patel is amazing!! He reassures you the whole time and if you have any nerves beforehand, he will make you feel at ease. I can’t recommend the surgery enough.
I Sumbul


We use high density hyaluronic acid based fillers pre-mixed with local anaesthetic to mimic the structure required for the chin and jawline area.

Our doctors will always do an in depth consultation before carrying out treatment; chin and jawline filler compliment each other perfectly to achieve a harmonised profile. In our female patients our goal will be to enhance and define your jawline without widening your face and therefore masculinising you. In our male patients, our goal is to add structure, widen and define your chin and jawline and form an integral component of our masculinisation package.  An alternative if you’re not suitable for chin and jawline fillers may be Morpheus 8 treatment which has the ability to treat excess fat and skin laxity simultaneously.

When you visit us for consultation all our doctors will give an honest opinion of how much dermal filler is required to get the desired result. As a rule of thumb for both chin and jawline filler we recommend a starting point of 3mls for female patients and 5mls for male patients.

Marrying the shape and definition of your jawline with your cheeks will perfectly harmonise your face and are commonly performed together. For male patients we recommend our masculinisation package and for female patients our beautification package.