12 skin care tips to prepare for Christmas

1) SP50

Daily SP50 keeps the wrinkles at bay…even in the winter!

2) How to tackle central heating

Counteract the effects of central heating sapping your skin of moisture by maintaining regular skin moisturiser

3) Prohilo

Profhilo is the most effective and long lasting injectable (6 months) hydrating moisturiser to combat dry skin, containing 64mg of hyaluronic acid.

4) Drink plenty of water

Maintain a minimum of 2L of water per day. Consider a marked water flask if you require regular reminder.

5) Make up removal

With the party season in full swing, make sure you remove your make up every evening

6) Plan Morpheus8

With the sun at bay, it is the perfect time to plan your Morpheus8 sessions without worrying about exposing your skin to UV radiation

7) Anti-wrinkle treatment planning

Plan your anti-wrinkle treatment 2 weeks prior to Christmas to achieve optimal results

8) Alcohol consumption after treatments

Avoid alcohol consumption on the day of your injectable treatments to minimise the risk of bruising

9) Suffering with tired eyes?

Lack of sleep, poor water hydration, multiple young children? A familiar story with many of our regular patients. Consider tear trough filler to have a peri-orbital rejuvenation

10) Hydrate your Lips

It is not just your skin and hair that come with a dehydration warning, your lips can also suffer in cold conditions. Lip fillers not only plump and define, they also hydrate and soften your lips.

11) Balance your lifestyle with regular exercise

Continue to maintain a regular exercise regime to reinvigorate your mind and body

12) Enjoy Christmas

Hormone changes that take place when we’re stressed are thought to contribute to inflammation, wrinkle formation, breakouts and exacerbate skin conditions. Relax, unwind and enjoy yourself this Christmas!

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